Monday, October 11, 2010

Found Objects

The October theme was "Found Objects."

Ghost Pines: Hope Barton
I love wine and wine labels. The label from this wine, "Ghost Pines" is especially beautiful but better yet, the label is strong and comes off in one piece. I had a couple of these saved in my kitchen and decided to use them as my "found object." In this piece, I manipulated a photo of a flaming orange sunset to get colors used in the label and make the tree silhouette more ghostly. I used fabric to continue the hill from the label into the quilt.
Dancing with Wine: Hope Barton
Inspired by my first quilt and a glass of wine, I continued with the Ghost Pines wine theme, and made this happy scene.

Golf Season: Joan Johnson
In golf season my husband's golf tees are everywhere. His pockets are filled with them, and when I do the laundry, they fall out on the floor, in the washing machine etc........ When I saw the "bubbly" fabric, I thought it was the perfect background. The door on the machine opens.

Feathers: Marcia Kilpatrick
I have chickens. I made this little quilt a while back with some of their shed feathers. I thought it was pretty cute at the time with the chicken themed fabric.
Autumn Night: Marcia Kilpatrick
This quilt was made from little scraps of fabric and thread lying around my sewing room. The border is beaded with beads I got for free from a local tag sale. The theme is the forest on an autumn night.

War and Peace: Melanie Johnston
When excavating a new addition to our house, several shards of pottery and glass were unearthed and among the pieces was a white, ceramic lamb.
A year ago, I was a selectman in our town. The day after an unpopular decision, I found a handful of roofing nails in my driveway. I decided to use both objects togther and call it "War and Peace." The peace symbol is trapunto and made with fabric I hand dyed.