Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Our inspiration/challenge for September was "Mandala."

Mystical Mandala: Melanie Johnston
I wanted to do some paper piecing and use some of my hand dyed fabric. I drafted a template to use for the paper piecing. Once finished, I decided it needed some crystals for a more magical/mystical quality so I added some hot fix crystals. It was my first time using them and was a lot of fun. Definitely get the applicator for heating and applying them!

Diversity Mandala: Melanie Johnston
I have been wanting to do something with a diversity theme for a while. While doing the mandala challenge, I came across Karen Eckmeier's new work in mandalas. She has a similar piece  that was just perfect.

Painted Mandala: Melanie Johnston
In addition to immersion dyeing, I have been experimenting with painting with dyes. This mandala was made by painting with thickened dye on fabric that was pretreated with soda ash mordant. The painting was then embellished with gold paint and various colors of foil. 

Yo Yo Flower Garden Mandala: Marcia Kilpatrick
So many choices and ideas! I chose one with flowers. I had a box of yo yos in various sizes I had made a while back. I decided to use them. The result is this flower garden mandala. 

Fan Mandala: Marcia Kilpatrick
This piece was made from a classic fan pattern. Four fans make a circle. 

Mariner's Compass Mandala: Marcia Kilpatrick
This mariner's compass was made using folded wedges of fabric. The method is a lot easier than precision piecing and looks great!


Capricorn: Linda Gardner. I designed this mandala for my embroidery machine. The inner circle is the number nine. The mandala represents my birthday, January 9.

Hope Barton: Hope is a new member to our group. She did not finish a mandala but here are some art quilts she brought to our meeting. 


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