Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Artist Inspired

This month our task was to create something influenced by an artist we like.

Joan: Kath Frajbis
I really like the work of printmaker Kath Frajbis.
From her artist's statement: "My work is primarily concerned with the relationships between landscape and the human being.I am most interested in mankind’s effect on the landscape and the passage of time."
I also love landscape and like this artist's use of line, shape and color. I was intrigued by her technique of embossing parts of the paper in the print process without using color. This creates an interesting, subtle texture.
In my piece I represented this texture in the "pathway" using the machine without thread. I enjoyed using some of my hand-marbled fabric.

This is my project from last month. The theme was "tattoo" and this is my take on a frog tattoo design. The background is my own hand-dyed and discharged fabric. The image was transferred using TAP.

Hope: Gabrielle Sichel
Gabrielle Sichel does some beautifu work with color. Inspired by her work, I painted some fabric and organza and used them together to create the color in the background. I then added some shapes I have lately been using and playing with in my art.

I also made a collaged piece this month. I painted the background and used some of my hand-dyed fabric, batik and other ephemera to add interest.

Cathey: Frida Kahlo
I chose Frida Kahlo. She was a brave lady and an artist I admire. She made many self portraits and is often pictured with roses in her hair. For her portrait, I used flowers from *Michaels* batik, commercial cotton, hand-dyed fabric and cheesecloth. 

A couple of weeks ago I took a marbling class and marbled my shirt! I think it turned out great!

Melanie: Dale Chihuly
I love the glass work of Dale Chihuly. Some of it looks marbled so he seemed the perfect inspiration to use some of my hand-marbled fabric. This piece is marbled on silk. The white stitched lines at the bottom represent the white strands of glass Dale uses in some of his work. 

Shelia Rae: Animation
This piece is an ode to animators. It takes specific inspiration from "Ferngully." In the theme song of that movie there is a lyric, "If I gotta eat somebody it might as well be you." The piece is embellished with frogs, lizards, flowers and other images from the movie.

I was given a piece of linen printed with an image of the madonna and child. I removed the stitching that someone had started and hand embroidered the image using a variety of stitches and beads. To make the background more interesting and textural, I stamped it using a stamp I created from a piece of wood. 

Clint Eastwood
This piece was inspired by Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino when he says "Get off my lawn!"
There is a figure representing Clint and the crosses represent trespassers.