Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 2012
The challenge for July was to use at least 1 piece of the non-traditional fabric samples Pat Ferguson brought back from a re-cycling place in California.

Pat: I used several of the sample pieces and used the designs in the fabric to inspire the quilting.

Melanie: I used some of the samples to create a collage that I then quilted in circles with couched yarn - Carol Taylor style. I then made a second piece from a whole cloth, soy wax dyed fabric I created a while back.

This piece was created from a photo I took of a clematis in my yard. I printed it on fabric and used that as the center. I extended the flower petals using silky fabric from the pieces I received from Pat. Some hand and ice dyed fabrics were also used. Thread sketching enhances the flower, leaves and tendrils.

Linda: I used an open fabric sample and created a woven piece for the center and used another sample for the sides. I like how the red knotted cord stands out and creates a focus.  I also made a "spring" piece created with embroidery.

Cathey: It was great fun using these funky fabrics in a collage.

 Hope: I used my samples in this piece inspired by a class I took with Judith Larzelere.

Marcia: I made a collage from some of the samples and some other interesting fabrics I had on hand and, of course, embellished it with beads.