Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Our inspiration word this month was "tattoo."

Shelia Rae: I had an idea to take a photo of my tattoo, print it on silk and embellish it but I could not get my printer to cooperate. I still want to do the project so will keep trying. Meanwhile, I did two other pieces:
One of a Kind. I found an old (VERY OLD) t-shirt that belonged to my brother. He was a biker and died several years ago but this t-shirt brought back so many memories of him. The cross fabric background and the angel are spiritual signs that he is gone from this earth. He was truly "one of a kind."

The second piece is Storm on the Prairie. I am from Texas where the storms are as big as everything else. The background fabric is perfect for the cloudy, greenish sky when a storm is approaching. The toy propeller seemed to fit. When I was a kid, my mother told me to pin clothespins to the curtain bottoms to keep things from blowing away. I think it was a strategy to keep us occupied and calm. There are 4 clothespins at the bottom of this piece in remembrance of my mom. It is difficult to see even in the close-up but there are thousands of French knots on this piece adding lots of texture. My fingers are still sore!

Marica: Rosie the Tattooed Lady. My son-in-law's brother owns a tattoo shop. On an outside nearby wall, is a large mural of a tattoo design. The design is a bearded, tattooed lady. I though it was perfect for this challenge so I took a picture and printed it on fabric, I used roses for the border fabric. Roses are a popular motif in these old fashioned tattoo designs. 

Melanie: Guitar Tattoo. In addition to the skin tattoos we know, there are musical tattoos. They are usually associated with the military. I could not think of how to represent one of those but still ended up with a musical tattoo of sorts. I used an image of a tattoo, thread sketched it, then filled in color with a black water soluable crayon and a gold Shiva paintstick. 

Cathey: I am intrigued by henna tattoos so created one using thread sketching for the tattoo. I need to finish it. 

Joan: When we decided on this challenge, I immediately thought about the fake four leaf clover tattoo I had for Paddy Murphy's wake at URI in my college days. I convinced all my friends that it was real. My project was going to be based on that but I could not find my old picture. Then I decided to do a turtle tattoo but did not get that done either. Maybe next month........

Pat: Well I looked at lots of tattoos on Pinterest. Very interesting, Would love to get one but am afraid of needles. Did not get to the actual creation of a piece this month.