Friday, September 18, 2015

Beach or Petroglyph/graph

PetrographDrawing, writing or inscription on stone, as a painting on a cave wall.
Petroglyph ‎-A rock carving, especially one made in prehistoric times.

The challenge for this month was Beach or Petroglyph/Petrograph.

Pat: The idea of ancient symbols and drawings in rocks made me think of archeology. I recently moved into a new house and have been doing a lot of clean-up in the yard. While working on the rock walls, I found many artifacts that told stories about the life of the people who once lived here. I took pictures and created an art quilt from them. Look closely and you will find bits of barbed wire, an old horseshoe, gears etc. I also covered a box with the pictures.

Marcia: I used the beach theme. I layered different types of fabric to create layers of sky, water and sand. The piece is embellished with "sea refuse trapped in seaweed" made of yarn, seaglass, muscle shell, crab claw. 

I also made an applique Achimenes admirabilis for my upcoming gesnariad plant meeting.

Cathey: I went with the Petrograph theme. I started with white fabric and used a Gelli plate. I made 3 layers using red, gold, orange and green paint. The edge is finished with a satin stitch.

Hope: I also used the Petroglyph theme. My piece is hanging in our DOT Gallery exhibit for Sept & Oct. I uses earth oxides to create the cave texture and stencils to create the images. It is the piece on the end of the wall in this picture.

Melanie: I went with the beach theme and created a rare blue lobster from some shibori dyed fabric I made. The lobster is on a white linen background quilted in close lines. 

Shelia Rae: For the challenge, I made a Petrograph. I used rock motif fabric for the background but used paint to darken it. I also ironed some creases into it to make the cave walls look like striated rock. I used a metal deer piece and my hand as masks and sprayed around them to create the deer and hand patterns. I then used red ink to bring out more color. The hand represents the signature" of the artist.

I also made a water piece. The round center is made from a piece of vintage patterened silk which I heavily hand quilted. The embellishments include muscle shells enhanced with blue paint, buttons, sea creatures and charms. 

This piece is made using a mask my son made - circa 1995. It includes African fabrics and motifs. The mask is surrounded by square-head nails that I painted blue. I hand-colored in the dots in the African fabric with yellow and red. 

This last piece also has an African theme. The turtle was re-purposed from an earlier piece. The embellishments include buttons, Angelina fibers, an African bracelet and hand-made beads.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DOT Gallery Show 2015

Come see our work in the Corporate Offices Art Gallery at the Department of Transportation in Newington, CT