Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This month's theme is "SILK." We all love the luminous quality of silk and the iridescence of silks that are woven with 2 colors.

Silken Landscape: Melanie
I printed miniature landscapes on silk organza and placed them on pieces of colored silk. These were then placed on a collaged background of hand-dyed and purchased silk pieces in colors of the fields and greenery. I used Shiva Paint sticks to create copper and gold swirls on the pale green silk. The quilting was done with silk thread. Sections are quilted differently, inspired by the silk behind the quilting.

Landscape: Joan
Lately I have been enjoying making landscape inspired collages. Working with silk made this one even more fun than usual. I used satin stitching in a varying width across the top section to add texture. The second layer is from a decadent fabric I purchased at MOOD in NYC. The 3rd layer is upholstery fabric - the "wrong" side, and the bottom layer, an iridescent silk. I have been buying frames when I see them on sale and decided to try some of my art quilts in art frames.

Contemplating Klee: Joan

In this piece, I printed a photo on silk of a painting by Paul Klee. My printer is not quite working correctly so the right side of the piece is actually printed on paper that I applied to the fabric with Textile Medium. I think it added a nice variation on texture and color. The lines are quilted in black, then echo quilted again in yellow, emulating the yellow surrounding the black lines in the actual painting. I used another frame - this time a clear plexiglass, to display this piece.

Silk Encaustic Collage: Mary
I was inspired by the Lines & Curves quilt Cathey was working on last month. I stated with creamy colored silk. I spread some aluminum foil on a warming tray, rubbed it with some crayons and let the crayon wax melt on the foil. I then used the melty, waxy foil as a monoprint and pressed the fabric into it. To remove the wax, I ironed the fabric between layers of printer paper till the wax came off on to the paper, leaving only color behind. I decided I liked the back side of the resulting fabric best and worked on that side to finish the piece. I made French seamed pleats, top stitched them and then couched some sparkly yarn across horizontally. I decided to call this technique "Encaustic Textile Monoprinting."

Tree Skirt: Cathey
In keeping with the season I decided to make a tree skirt for my miniature "snow & ice" themed tree. I started with white silk, used glue and foil to create the silvery snowflakes, then put some Ricky Times "Razzle Dazzle" thread in my bobbin and stitched around the edge. I finished up with beading to set off the sparkly thread.

Pussy Willow Silk Collage: Marcia
I did not have a chance to finish this piece yet but my idea was to use some of may favorite silk remnants in a collaged composition. I think the pattern on the larger piece on the right looks like pussy willows. I especially like the frayed edges. The texture and color of silk when it frays is luscious.