Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inspired by a Photo

This month our project was to be inspired by a photograph.

Cathey: "Saybrook Sailboat"  
I took a photo of a single sailboat out in the water in Saybrook. It looked so beautiful as it sailed along solitary on the water. In this piece, I used crinkled 2 color silk for the water. It has a great shimmer and wavy quality just like water. For the sky, I used a piece of ice dyed fabric which I overdyed with indigo using a pole shibori technique. The boat is made of white silk over layers of timtex and batting to give it lots of dimension.

Sheila Rae: "Itchycoo Park"
I stated with a piece of my son's old, patched jeans. I added buttons and sequins by hand. The piece has snippets of fabric scraps including some with stars that glow in the dark and some frayed luminescent polyester. These scraps are an extension of the "patched" jeans/life theme.
For the centerpiece, I took and old, round mirror, sanded the finish off the back and mod-podged a photo of a fairy from a jacket I made a while back.

Joan: "Cooking Memories"
This is a retro piece I made just for me. The theme is cooking memories from my childhood. We had a set of pink pyrex bowls which I loved (even after my sister broke the largest one). I printed onto fabric, an old, stained recipe of my mom's (in her ow hand) for pumpkin bread. The wooden spoon and aluminum measuring spoons were always present in our kitchen. I still have my mom's metal recipe box and took a picture for this project. And who didn't cook with Betty Crocker? The edition you have dates you. This was the edition in our house.
Somewhere I have a picture of my mom in her apron. When I find it, I will print that on fabric and add it.
Retro pink rick rack was the perfect border embellishment.

Marcia: With permission, I took a photo of a photo at a recent show I attended and my piece is based on that photo. It is a landscape with unusual coloring. I used mostly silk and fabric samples. Some of the edges are fraying which adds interest.

Melanie: "Like Walking in the Rain"
This piece is inspired by several pictures and paintings I have seen of a single figure in the rain under an umbrella. I masked off the area for the figure with freezer paper, then painted the "rain" with thickened dye. I then thread sketched in the figure and used some silver beads for a few streams of rain drops