Tuesday, August 13, 2013

She Blinded Me With Science

Sheila Rae chose our theme for this month. "She Blinded Me With Science" is a "one hit wonder" song by British musician Thomas Dolby released in 1982. Those of us of a certain age remember it well. 

Sheila Rae: "Bubble Chamber"
A bubble chamber is a vessel filled with a superheated transparent liquid (most often liquid hydrogen) used to detect electrically charged particles moving through it. I love science and quantum mechanics. This piece is my interpretation of a bubble chamber. In the bubble chamber you never know what you are going to get and everything is connected.
This piece started with a large, old crazy quilt given to me. I added lots of hand stitching and a layer of pink tulle. Then the real fun began with the addition of all kinds of embellishment from sea horses to an old bubble wand. Lots to look at and hold the viewer's attention.
 entire piece

 close up 1

 close up 2

 close up 3

close up 4

 close up 5

 close up 6

Cathey: I actually made 2 pieces. This first piece is "Sunflower Trio"
The greenery in this piece is made from a heavy upholstery piece. The flower petals are cut free hand. As usual, I quilted the *!? out of it!

My second piece is a large leaf. I used various batiks and other fabrics for the main leaf areas and puff paint un-puffed but glitzed with pearl-ex for the veins. 

Melanie: "Macrobiotic"
This is a piece of my hand marbled fabric. It looked so organic and cellular that I thought it was perfect for a scientific challenge. I enhanced the hand marbling with fabric foil and a little Shiva Paintstick.

Joan and Marcia ran out of time and were unable to complete their pieces. 
Hope and Pat are away. Summer!