Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Song in My Heart

Our theme for this month was "A Song in My Heart." Choose a song, a line from a song, or even just a mood a song evokes.

Music in My Mother's House: Melanie Johnston
I love this song. I love the images and sounds of the song. I chose a line from the song: "There was music in my mother's house, there was music all around. There was music in my mother's house and my heart's still full with the sound." The words are printed around the swirl in the heart. I printed some notes on organza, trimmed the organza and placed it so it looks as though it is coming through the house door. I think the organza makes the music "float on air."

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Marcia Kilpatrick
Although she appreciates music, particularly relaxing music, Marcia says she does not have musical talent. She says it was a stretch for her to rise to this challenge.She did a lot of research on rainbows  for this quilt. How many colors? What is the proper order? She covered the rainbow with sparkly tulle, hand stitched rain and sun rays with metallic thread and added charms to represent images in the song.

Secret 'O Life: Joan Johnson
Joan selected a line from this James Taylor song. The line is: "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."She chose to make a piece that represented the calm, peaceful feeling she gets from the song's message.

Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme: Linda Gardner
Linda has software to digitize embroidery. She used the words from the folk song, selected a font and graduated the sizes of the letters to create a wedge shape for each word. She stitched out 2 of each word and placed them mirror image to each other to simulate tree shapes.

Zen Music: Pat Ferguson
Pat has been exploring the use of Zentangles® in quilting. For this challenge, she "Zentangled" a G-clef and quilted it. Check our her website for more of her "Zen Quilting" ideas.


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