Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Our theme for October was "Curves."

Marcia: I brought 2 projects. The first one is from an NBQA "Block of the Month" from last year called "Twisted Sash." I added yo yo's to it, trying to match color and curve in the placement of the yo yo's.
My second project is very "out of the box" for me. It is free form and not bound by borders or binding. It is asymmetrical with curved piecing. I couched some yarns and let them flow off the piece. Even the fabrics have curves in them.

Joan: I made more of my "stitched fabric," this time using curvy piecing. The overstitching blends the fabrics into a cohesive piece. I used the new fabric to create a pouch for my new i-pad. For the back of the pouch, I used the luscious velvety "alligator" pattern fabric I purchased at MOOD in NYC.
Cathey: I decided to interpret Van Gough's "Starry Night." The piece is a collage with raw edge applique, angelina fibers, ribbons, organza, upholstery fabric, batiks,and tafeta. I used small dots of white glue to hold some of the pieces in place, then quilted it like crazy.

Melanie: My piece was inspired from "Quilted Symphony," by Gloria Loughman. The piece contains silks and my hand dyed cottons along with commercial batiks. My new favorite thing is incorporating a little silk in with the cottons.
Hope: I had lots of glitzy fabric I wanted to use in a piece. I decided to set it against a velvet backround. I chose a deep blue velvet instead of black and used reverse applique to create each "window," then placed a crystal inside each teardrop. I added some multicolored ribbon to set off the rows of opulent colors.

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