Friday, September 14, 2012

The challenge for this month was Cookie(s).

Melanie: The first thing that popped into my head for this challenge was Oreo cookies. I love them. I had also been wanting to make something with lips covered with Angelina fibers so this project was perfect. The cookie is raw edge appliqued from dark brown fabric. Black marker and black thread quilting was used for the cookie details. The fingernails were painted on with pink and pearl fabric paint. The teeth are made from white satin. The lips are made from some of my hand dyed fabric, overlayed with pink Angelina. I used quilting to enhance the face and fingers. The piece is 9" by 13.5"

Marcia: This is a cookie bouquet. I cut the cookie flower shapes using my Go Baby cutter.  I used beads and buttons from my collection/stash to create several embellished layers to each cookie. I tried to attached wooden skewers for the stems - much like what you would see if you ordered a cookie bouquet but I could not quite get them attached the way I envisioned. I need to give more thought about how to do the stems. The piece is tied rather than quilted.
Hope: I did not do the project for this month but I did make a commissioned piece for a friend. She wanted something to hang on her office door. I used several types if fabric and couched yarns. I think it really has a lot of texture. I am debating about embellishing with beads. The group thinks I should add beads to the teardrop satin shapes.

Joan: The idea that immediately came to my mind was fortune cookies. I created a Chinese food take-out box using fabric and timtex.The cookies are made from upholstery samples, fusible interfacing and wire embedded to help them bend and hold shape. At a yard sale I found a pair of decorative chop sticks. Each cookie will have a fortune. These pieces will be assembled on to a backround.
(picture to follow when project is completed)

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  1. Melanie's piece makes me want an oreo. It looks so tempting!