Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Our challenge for December was to do some sort of stamping.

Melanie: My piece is called "Rain." I used a piece of parfait dyed fabric for the background, then stamped with small cell bubble wrap, a commercial spiral stamp and a hand carved splashy/droplet sort of stamp. I used lumiere copper, silver & pearl fabric paint for the stamping, and added pieces of silvery, gold and coppery silk.

I also brought a "show & tell" of a piece I created from the fabric marbling we have been doing. The cellular looking sections and the more traditional swirly section is the marbled fabric. This piece is titled "All Dressed Up" and uses silks and quilting with metallic thread to set off the marbled fabric.

Lastly, I created a small piece in response to the Quilting Arts "Coffee or Tea" reader challenge. The background is a commercial fabric, the teacup created from an Asian fabric with foil for the rim, white ultrasuede and yellow Angelina for the floating lemon and organza for steam.
Cathey: I started by using a bubble stencil as a stamp. I covered the stencil in fabric paint, then "stamped" it on to the fabric. I then used a cork dipped in gold paint to make the gold circles and added ribbon and commercial fabric circles.

Hope: I did not finish a stamped piece but I had fun creating stamps using  Moldable Foam MagicStamps . I pressed them into beads, safety pins and rotini macaroni! Now I have to make something with them.

I made this dye & soy wax linen fabric at Melanie's basement studio session last week. I then did a little stenciling on it. More to come on this one.

Marcia: I had a heck of a time with this project. First I used a soft carve-able stamp block to carve some tulips. I used an exacto knife instead of stamping/lino cutting tools and I carved too deeply. As a result, the stamp started to fall apart. Then I tried a linoleum block and a screwdriver. Definitely not the way to go. I returned to the soft stamp tulip block and decided to try "Perfect Pearls" with it. These are frosted powders. You can add water to make them more paint-like. I did that and painted the stamp but the paint kind of slid off. Finally I got enough to stick and did my stamping. The yellow fabric was a funny shape so I decided to go ahead with it and call it a design decision to cut off a corner. My troubles did not end there. When I quilted it, I ended up with a crease in the middle. When I made the label, I misspelled "tulip." I am looking forward to January!
Pat: I was not able to do the project this month but I did do a little experimenting with Sharpie Markers and alcohol. The big chisel tipped markers work the best cause they are nice & juicy, You draw some lines, dots or a design, then spray with or drop on rubbing alcohol. The alcohol causes the marker ink to spread, creating interesting painterly effects. It can be done on silk, cotton, sneakers, many types of fabric. Heat set it after it is dry. There are several videos on Youtube. Quick & fun!

Joan: I am stuck somewhere between Minnesota  & home.
Blizzards & fog are not airplane friendly. :(

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  1. Always inspiring! Marcia: Way to hang in there to the finish!