Thursday, May 22, 2014

Opposites Attract

For May, we decided to use the most recent Quilting Art Reader Challenge, "Opposites Attract." The challenge was to make a 9 X 9 inch quilt using mostly complementary colors and the notion of opposites attract.

Melanie - Giraffe Love
I made a Gelli plate print for the background, then painted giraffe over it. I used complimentary colors but reversed them on each giraffe. I think the giraffes here, while opposite in coloring, are clearly attracted to one another. :)
Marcia - Opposites
For my complementary colors, I chose violet and yellow. I used a variety of fabrics and buttons in those colors, then used patterning and stitch to build in several "opposites" eg long & short; plus & minus; horizontal & vertical; straight & curved; dark & light, large & small.

Hope - Painted Fish
I selected orange and blue for my colors and raided my stash for a variety of interesting fabrics in those colors. I thought the marbled fabric worked well for water. His gills are actually dimensional ie not stitched down completely. They move in the wind resembling the movement of fish gills breathing under water.

Shelia Rae - Go Outside and Play
I chose the opposites of playing inside on the computer vs playing outdoors. It is a little difficult to see all the components in this picture but there are computer chips windows and words representing outdoors and indoors. Not sure I got the complementary colors correct but they worked for me. 

I also made a piece called "In an Octopus' Garden." It is pink monochromatic. I used manic panic to dye a lot of the embellishments. There is tulle to hold some of the pieces down and if you look closely you can see little surprises inside the holes in the shells. 

I also brought a piece that I remade after deciding that I could do a better job with the finishing. Here is the revised "Whatever Happened to Mary."

I missed the last couple of meetings but did make the projects. My "Pat Ferguson fun fabric" challenge piece can be seen in the April blog entry and my "Green Paper" piece has been added to March.

I did not make a piece for the challenge topic but brought some things I have been working on. 
This piece is from a photo I took. I created the silhouette of the bird from black fabric, appliqued it to a circle of hand dyed yellow and used a textured black fabric for the background. 

I did not make a quilt for the challenge but I brought 3 other pieces.
First is a new zentangle. This one is on a tan colored tile using both black and white markers.
Next is the piece that toured with the Connecticut SAQA exhibit, Local Color. My theme was the Last Green Valley. It is difficult to photograph as it is quite long. Each piece small zentangle quilt represents the forest floor. Those mini quilts are mounted on a long quilt that was quilted in green to represent forest. You can see the quilting better in the close-up shot.

I also made a "10 minute" table runner. This was a fun and really quick project. The center section looks pieced but is actually patterned fabric. 

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