Thursday, September 18, 2014


Our challenge this month was to create something inspired by music.

Joan: Blackbird - I listen to Pandora a lot and have been listening to "Blackbird" by the Beatles. I love that song! Recently I was out walking on the Mansfield airport walking path and a beautiful red-winged blackbird landed on one of the fence posts. I was able to get a great photo which I printed on fabric, stitched and framed. I included some of the words to the song on the back of the frame.

Pat: The Sound of the Sea - I do not read or play music but to me, the ocean is music. I made some "silk paper" from silk waste and other fibers. I then mounted it onto a piece of Mickey Lawlor skye dye fabric, added lace for sea foam and a few other embellishments before quilting it all. If you look closely, you can see that I quilted in the words, "The sound of the sea soothes my soul."

Hope: Feel the Music - This piece represents how music makes me feel. When I am listening to music I love, it makes me really happy and I feel that joy with my whole body. The background is a piece of digitally printed fabric I purchased at a recent quilt show. I made the figure from some music fabric that I overdyed orange. The green is raw edge applique. I printed the motifs with a thermofax screen. Other embellishments are stars from Angelina film and fusible thread with foil.

Marcia - Music is not my favorite thing, especially when it is too loud, but for the sake of art I proceeded. I had been wanting to make something with black, white and red so I got my fabric out and got started. Some of the fabric has teapots and sewing machines. Those things sing to me! There is lots of music motif fabric in here too. And then I got to do my favorite thing - embellish with buttons, beads and ribbons! I even found musical beads. The group thought the black and white was inspired by piano keys.

Melanie: Gray Guitar - Music plays a large role in my life. In my house there are more musical instruments than I care to count. One of my favorite fiber art subjects is the guitar. This one was made from a piece of ice dyed fabric with the background discharged then whitewashed around the guitar shape.

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