Thursday, September 1, 2016


Our word for August was Circles.

Pat - Lava Bubbes  I have been experimenting with alcohol inks on non porous paper e.g. Yupo. The colors are intense and the way the ink spreads and disperses on the medium is so interesting. For this quilted piece, I scanned 2 of the Yupo ink designs, printed them on to fabric then sliced and alternated them for the composition. Both prints had circular motifs so they were perfect for this month's theme.

Going in Circles - for this piece I used a technique of centering fabric on a tack and rotating it around while using many of the decorative stitches on my machine. The variety of decorative stitches and colored thread on black give this design a lot of impact. The center of the circles are filled with washers painted with the alcohol inks. 

Hope - Sunprint. With the hot, sunny weather, I have been doing a lot of sunprinting. For this piece, I layered some stencil work in white over the sunprint. I added a few drops of pearlescent paint to the sunprinting paint. In person, you can see the sparkle it added.

Joan - Fresh Perk. I used a program on my ipad call "Percolate" to create a subtle circular background. The image is printed on to the fabric. I overlayed a piece of tulle then cut it away from the coffee. The tulle remaining around the edges of the coffee created a bubble-like effect of freshly brewed and poured coffee.

Pathways 2 - This piece is similar to an earlier one I made. The circle is cut from a piece of my hand-marbled fabric. I appliqued it to to white fabric and used various threads and stitch lengths to create the pathways.

Melanie - Circular. This piece is created from a variety of hand-dyed and commercial fabrics layered in off-set circles. The circles are outlined with couched black yarn. 

Cathey - Rust. I found this rusted strip along the highway and have been waiting to use it in a piece. I love the color and texture of rusted objects. The object inspired the rust colored fabrics and the circles create balance in the composition. 

Marcia- Meandering Circles. This piece was created from a piece of my hand-dyed clamp-resist fabric. I added buttons, yo-yos and yarn. The hanging system is a stick with small curtain clamps. 

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